Meet The Girls Behind The Space-Paris's New Must See Concept Store!!!

Meet the girls behind "The Space"- Paris's New Concept Store- We cannot wait to pay them a visit. Stocking Madeleine Thompson cashmere, Alice McCall and Zimmermann and many more Contemporary Brands along with a complete Vintage Haven this store is set to be "THE" concept store that you must visit in Paris.

Owned by two determined inspiratiional friends, Tallulah Rufus-Isaacs and Julia Van Hagen- The  store  features a mix of retro and contemporary clothing as well as art, primarily by up-and-coming talent. Just last week the two 24-year-olds opened The Space to over 850 guests who celebrated the shop, which previously housed couturier Vicky Tiel, Tallulah’s godmother and a close friend of Elizabeth Taylor.

"Their vision is to create a distinct link between art and fashion but in unexpected ways. Located at 21 Rue Bonaparte in an charming and exclusive courtyard, a stones throw from L’Aduree, the girls found their idealic location. In the 1960’s to the late 1980’s it was “The Place To Be” for everyone in Hollywood, Art, Fashion and Music. Joining forces, contacts and ideas, Tallulah and Julia aim to recreate the same atmosphere of intellectual glamour with a new generation and wave of the creative world making it a destination spot in Paris". Source:

 Be sure to pay them a visit, 

75006, PARIS, 

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